Glandino Company - Failed to repair appliance and wanted deductible twice.

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I contacted HMS about 2 1/2 months ago due to cooktop problems.They took my number and said they will schedule an appointment with a repair company.

Nobody called me for over 3 weeks. I called back and the agent said they were not aware the repair company quit servicing for them. He called 3 days later and scheduled an appointment with Glandino or Blandino company. The guy came in, looked at it for 1 minute and said it needs a new part.

He came back 1 week later, installed it but it did not work. I called back to inform HMS and they said they will need another deductible if the same guy comes back and diagnoses a different problem. Does this make sense? Obviously it will be a different diagnosis since his first one was wrong.


SHAME ON YOU ALL.Faith Sheldon

Review about: Electric Cook Top.

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